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Revolutionizing the Sticker: The Birth of Sticker Slap

Posted by Jordan Tennenbaum on

“There's nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place” ― Banksy


We live in a world that is so passionate about important causes such as racial justice, gender equality, environmental activism, and marriage reform, yet many voices are left of the conversation altogether. Throughout my 22 years as a resident in Oakland and student at USC in Los Angeles, I encountered many people like myself who strongly support social movements, yet rarely do anything about them. As much as I agreed with thousands of other like-minded individuals, I never felt that my voice would truly make a difference, nor did I want to post passive-aggressive tweets to my friends.

I believe everybody deserves a powerful voice to speak his or her mind and promote positive change in the world. In order to empower your voice and raise awareness, you need a large audience, and I believe stickers are the perfect solution to reach thousands of people. Stickers are a simple and affordable way for anybody to be an advocate and raise public awareness by reaching thousands of people every single day.

As my obsession with the applicability, power, and versatility of stickers grew into a vision of a socially conscious sticker company, I realized that stickers were more than a tool for social justice. Stickers are highly valued by people who proudly declare allegiance or support for the things they love, like a symbolic tattoo on their favorite item. Stickers are powerful because they are a meaningful statement, a badge of honor, and public proof that individuals are not only passionate about causes but also part of a dynamic and engaging community of supporters.

After months of planning, preparation, research, and development, I decided that it was time to launch Sticker Slap, and revolutionize the sticker. Sticker Slap crafts durable, $1 stickers with bold designs, eco-friendly materials, and infinite applications. Our goal is to use stickers as a versatile platform to empower marginalized voices, give everyone an easy way to individualize their gear, and make the world a better place in the meantime. 

Whether you want to show your support for racial equality and gay marriage or kale and cats, Sticker Slap has a sticker for you. We feature hundreds of in-house designs as well as exclusive sticker collaborations with artists, activists, celebrities, and influencers, providing customers with awesome stickers, and brands with an authentic opportunity to build brand identity and awareness. In addition, we donate five cents of every sticker sold to breast cancer research, just to spread the love around even more.

In recent months, I have dedicated thousands of hours to this business, ensuring that all environmental, social, ethical, and economic standards are met. This has allowed Sticker Slap to create the coolest stickers you actually want, at 50% less than any other online retailer. I wanted to personally thank you for your support and interest in Sticker Slap because it proves to me that there are large, united communities who collectively care about solving the problems of today in order to provide a better future for the people of tomorrow.


Jordan Tennenbaum
Founder of Sticker Slap

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