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Movember: The History of the Mustache

Posted by Jordan Tennenbaum on

It's November, also known as Movember, the month dedicated to growing upper lip hair in order to raise awareness and money for testicular and prostate cancer awareness.


From its earliest debut in Scythian society around 300 BCE, the mustache has been a staple of manliness, power, and pride. Our great country has been built and changed by men donning such legendary hair upon their upper lip.

From Martin Luther King Jr. to Mark Twain, and from Albert Einstein to Ron Swanson, the mustache has been influential not only in terms of politics and policy, but has been essential in the development of culture, individuality, and manhood.

We will start with the history of the mustache around 1945. After World War II, a sad shift occurred for men and their facial hair. Clean-cut US soldiers returning to America led a revolution to life void of the mustache. For 25 years, the mustache reached an all-time low, and was lost from upper lips and popular culture.

Thankfully, after the mustache-free counterculture revolutions and races movements of the sixties, the seventies ushered in a new era, the Golden Era, of the mustache. Led by revolutionaries such as the great Burt Reynolds, the Olympic champion Mark Spitz, and the baseball Hall-of-Famer Reggie Jackson, the mustache was reintroduced into popular culture, sports, politics, and every day American life.

Though the journey of the mustache has been turbulent, it has been one of success. The mustache is growing strong from the college students of today to historic mustached men, like Walter Cronkite, and everyone in between.

Recently, on popular mediums for college students, such as Facebook, Twitter, and TV networks geared towards the 16 to 35-year-old range, there has been a trend of popularizing the mustache.

America’s favorite facial hair is making a comeback. It’s cool, independent, suave, creepy, ironic, indie, tough, manly, declarative, hipster, rugged, and powerful, so take a walk on the wild side, grow a mustache, become part of the movement.

If you see a man sporting a ‘stache, give him a nod of solidarity, grow one yourself, and support men’s health with a piece of facial hair history. Feel free to learn more about facial hair here!

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