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The Suppression of Homosexuality in Africa: A History Complicated by Colonization

Posted by Hadley Sachs on

The myth that homosexuality is absent or incidental in African countries is one of the oldest and most enduring myths about African society; it is also one of the most detrimental cultural myths to human rights movements as society progresses into the twenty-first century. The 2009 Anti-Homosexuality Bill is likely the starkest example of the homophobic and draconian attempts to implement legislation to criminalize same-sex relationships in modern Africa. While the statement that homosexuality is un-African is not completely false,...

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A Queerspawn On Marriage Equality: Are We Really There Yet?

Posted by Julia Hannafin on

This is a momentous year. After a decades-long battle for marriage equality took the issue to the United States Supreme Court, it was declared on June 26th, 2015 that all states must allow same-sex marriage. I am the daughter of two lesbian moms. My mom, Dawn, had me, and my mom, Audrey, had my little sister, through the help of one very tall anonymous sperm donor from the California Cyrobank. My moms were together for over 30 years. They were...

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Nudity and The Changing Landscape of Gay Pride Parades

Posted by Julia Hannafin on

I recently attended a Pride Parade, which means my boobies were out all weekend. Pride is defined by many different things: parades and marches, parties and gatherings, of course dancing, and all the happily naked people that walk through the streets of San Francisco. Naturally, there are some who choose not to dress up for the occasion. But there is also a huge amount of people that commit to bearing bras, thongs, pasties, ass-less chaps, rainbow body paint and sometimes...

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Bridesmaids: Corporate Feminism For the Masses

Posted by Jordan Tennenbaum on

In 2011, Bridesmaids, the Paul Feig directed and Judd Apatow produced film became an instant box office hit, reaching millions of viewers with a refreshing take on female comedy that received wide claim as a film that empowered women. Classically, Hollywood has been dominated and colonized by white males, producing and recycling narratives that reflect a small sliver of the American experience for a massive and diverse audience. Despite this fact, the film, written by Kristen Wiig, and starring Melissa...

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