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The Case for Female Body Hair

Posted by Amanda Warbritton on

Welcome to America, where ass jobs and spray tans are more socially acceptable than a woman growing out her armpit hair. In May of this year I decided I wasn't going to shave my armpits, that only lasted about 2 weeks before I felt obligated to shave because of my partner at the times preference. Two months later I got really sick and was too weak to shave, shaving no longer was a priority for me. That being said, I've...

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Movember: The History of the Mustache

Posted by Jordan Tennenbaum on

It's November, also known as Movember, the month dedicated to growing upper lip hair in order to raise awareness and money for testicular and prostate cancer awareness. From its earliest debut in Scythian society around 300 BCE, the mustache has been a staple of manliness, power, and pride. Our great country has been built and changed by men donning such legendary hair upon their upper lip.From Martin Luther King Jr. to Mark Twain, and from Albert Einstein to Ron Swanson, the...

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