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The Benefits of Diversity: How Exposure to Contradictory Perspectives Fosters Optimal Development

Posted by Shira Goldsmith on

Exposure to diverse perspectives impacts identity by changing cognitive processes and opening one’s world to perspectives outside of one’s personal environment. Provided that individual understandings of the world are reflected by cultural values, people that do not engage in conversations with other cultures limit themselves to views specific to the place in which they are situated, which hinders their ability to comprehend deeper societal issues. In other words, without a desire to understand another person’s world, people restrict themselves from...

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Exploitation and Exclusion: Exploring Race in Schools, Prisons, and the Job Market

Posted by Marcela Oñate-Trules on

Since the 1970s, America has increasingly become an unequal society in what is considered the “developed” world. Between 1979 and 2007, the income of the top 1% tripled, while incomes of median households only increased by 25% (Gordon). The richest people in society hold the majority of America’s wealth, more accurately, the richest 1% of Americans own 1/3 of the nations wealth, and the richest 5 percent own 60% (Gordon). As the rich continue to get richer, the poor only...

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A Condensed History of Post-Apartheid South Africa: A Hollow Shell of Racial and Political Progress

Posted by Hadley Sachs on

The end of the Apartheid Era in South Africa signified the governmental transition from an oppressive government that did not know or care about the needs of its people to one that was made up of those very citizens who worked hardest to meet the needs of its people. This transformation was expected to turn the post-apartheid government into a near utopian society that embodied the best ideals of the social movements under apartheid. The post-apartheid government absorbed the major...

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